Ways to Create Work Items in Work Manager

Input Links allow Cases and Tickets to be started in the Work Manager operations environment. They are automatically generated whenever a Ticket or a Case process is set live in Builder.

Input links are displayed in Work Manager:

1. In the 'Create New Work Item' dropdown

Input Links for live Case processes will always be displayed in the ‘Create New Work Item’ dropdown in Work Manager.

Live Tickets will not be shown in the ‘Create New Work Item’ dropdown

2. In the Contact Activity page

You can control whether you wish the link to appear on the Contact Activity Page by ticking or unticking the ‘Add to Contacts’ setting in the Service Matrix in Builder for that specific Ticket or Case process.

3. In work item screens

If the 'Everyone can start' option is enabled from the Service Matrix,

any Work Manager user will be able to start the process from the ‘+ Work item’ link in the work item screen, regardless of whether or not they have permission to access and edit that work item:

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