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Creating and Editing Services

Creating Services

Each Service Line view shows all running Services, and all available contracts which don’t yet have a Service. To add a new Service under a Contract, click on the '+' icon at the top of the Service Matrix.
Fill in the service settings in the resulting popup.

Service Settings

The settings for Services are:
The company receiving the service
The contract under which this service runs
The Name of the Service
Mandatory. Must be unique within Contract.
A description of the Service
Groups added at Customer level
The groups that have permissions at Customer level
Read only
Groups added at Contract level
The groups that have permissions at Contract level
Read only
Allow permissions to Group
The groups that have permissions at Service level

Subsequent Editing

To edit a service's settings, click on the menu icon beside the Customer name and select the Edit link. Make your desired changes in the resulting popup and click OK to save changes.
You can see what edits have been made to the customer and when, as well as when the customer was created, and even when a customer was deleted by clicking on the Show Activity button in the Edit screen.

Cloning a Service

You are also able to clone a service by clicking on the Clone button in the Add info screen. This will clone all of the service's settings apart from its name. You are able to make changes to any of the settings once the service has been cloned.

Deleting a Service

To delete a service, click on the ellipses beside the Customer, hover over the delete link and click on 'Service'.
If you delete a Service which has linked Email Routes, you will be notified of this and will need to update the respective Email Routes in order to stop them from creating more work for this Service.