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Feedback Features

Getting Customer Feedback via Email

If the ‘Allow Feedback’ setting is ticked for the type of Ticket in Builder (see here for more information on how to do this), outgoing emails will contain a footer-based link for recipients to give feedback scores.
Once clicked, the Enate feedback form will be opened in a separate browser window. It offers the same feedback icons as the previous email but allows a user to change their selection should they wish, and also add an additional comment.
Feedback data is subsequently stored, ready to be called upon by an agent from within the Ticket.

Option to Reopen Cases during Feedback Window

Cases can be set with a feedback window (e.g. 2 weeks) allowing the requester some time within which to come back before the Case is fully, irrevocably, closed. During this period it is possible to reopen the Case. A Case will automatically re-open if (during the feedback window) an email is received or a Ticket is merged into it.
A Case can manually be re-opened by a user using the “Reopen” button which presents on a completed Case which is within its feedback window.
Please note that when work items are reopened, the data stored for who resolved it and when it was resolved are persisted, and are not overwritten when the item is resolved for a second time.
The Feedback window for a Case is set in Builder as part of Case process configuration.

Displaying recent Feedback details via Work Items

When dealing with a work item, e.g. Ticket, agents can see the customer’s current feedback rating via a link in the ribbon bar:
Clicking on this will open a feedback popup displaying that person’s rating, (if they chose to enter one) and an overall average rating, calculated from all recorded feedback items on a single work item.