Adding a Note

Click the Note tab to add a note. Anyone can add an internal note to a Ticket, Case or Action – you don’t have to have it assigned to you, and adding a note won’t auto-assign the work to you. These are notes for internal use and the external contacts won’t ever see them.

Specifying note type

If desired, you can specify which kind of interaction resulted in the note, e.g. phone incoming / outgoing etc.

Adding a note and resolving a Ticket

If we we are adding a note to a Ticket assigned to ourselves, we have the additional option of Adding a Note & Resolving the work item which will resolve the work item when we click on it.

After adding the note, the screen will refresh with the new note displayed on the timeline.

Closing an item with incomplete notes

If you have started to enter a note but have not saved it, the tab will display a ‘*’ marker on the tab alerting you to this.

If you subsequently try to close the work item tab with this ‘in-progress’ items still unsaved, the system will alert you asking if you wish to proceed.

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