Creating a Work Item from an Existing Email

There are certain circumstances when clients may send in an email that should really be used to start a new work item but, because they've sent it as a response to an existing mail chain, it ends up being attached to an existing work item. A prime example of this is when a client responds to an email with the intention of starting a new ticket but it gets added to the work item of the email chain that they were replying to. In such circumstances, you can use a feature that allows incoming emails that get added to an existing work item like this to now be used to create a new work item.

How does this work?

If a user is working on a work item and realizes that an email that has been attached to it should actually be used to start a new work item, they can use a link now available to them when hovering over that mail in the Comms or Timeline view.

Clicking this link and then the following confirmation popup will result in the email being effectively sent back into Enate, but with an additional rule that it should not append itself to an existing work item. Once the email has successfully created a new work item, a confirmation message will appear.

Once the new work item has been created, a note will show at the top of that mail with a link to that new work item, and that original mail entry in the first work item will effectively be set to 'read only' (since it should no longer be used to process the request within that mail).

Links between the original work item and the new work item will also be displayed on each of their respective 'Linked Items' tabs.

It should be noted that this option will never appear on the initial email which creates a work item, only on subsequent incoming emails which could be inappropriately appending.

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