Using Multiple Tabs

Enate's browser-based Work Manager uses a multi-browser page approach. You can control how you want the system to behave when you click on links to open new items, for example to open a Ticket or Action from your home page, or to open up your Email Inbox page.

You can choose between links opening in a new, dedicated browser tab or in your current browser tab.

Watch this video to find out more:

Single Browser Tab

As a default, when you click on a link the new content will show up in the same browser tab, replacing the previous content.

If you want to return to the previous page, you can use the browser's 'back' button to navigate back there, and equally use the forward link again to return to the newer screen.

Some other features which can be helpful when working with a single tab approach… The 'recently viewed' list from your navigation section is always a useful way re-find work that you've been looking at recently. You can click to open up a fresh Home page at any time… And, you can even use your focus list to put together a list of work items that you want to concentrate on, perhaps as part of a focused daily to-do list.

If you'd like to open a link in its own dedicated tab, you can right click on a link and select the 'open link in new tab' option from the subsequent menu.

Or you can hold down the 'control' or 'command' button on your keyboard when clicking the link.

This will open it in a new browser tab and leave the previous one as-is.

Multiple Browser Tabs

If you'd prefer that the links you click on to open in new, different browser tabs, every time you click on a link, you can do this by changing your User Settings.

This means that you can view content in separate browser tabs and can have two sets of content open side by side, letting you, for example have your Email Inbox open at the same time as viewing a ticket or action, so you can read mails without swapping between screens. The browser tab will show information such as the work item reference and title.

Each tab has a dedicated URL which means you can easily share links to specific work items to other team members. Just copy the URL and send it to them - when they open the link it will take them straight to that work item.

When you perform an update on a Work Item that would close the tab, you'll be returned to the page that launched it, for example your home page or Email inbox page.

If you're opening items from the Advanced Search page, save your search if you want to return to the page with the previous filters still set.

Changing your preference in User Settings

If you want to change how the system opens up links, you can go to your user settings page and change the tabs behaviour.

You'll see the 'Open Links in New Browser tab' option. This lets you decide how you would like the links you click on in Enate Work Manager to open - either in a new, dedicated browser tab or in your current browser tab.

By default, this option is set to OFF, meaning that when you click on a link the new content displays in your current browser tab. If you'd prefer that the links you click on open in new, different browser tabs, switch this option to ON and save your change. Now when you click on links, you'll see that a new dedicated browser tab will open up to show that content.

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