Navigation Items

When you log in to Work Manager you will have your Home page open by default. The navigation section displays the navigation items you have access to.


Enate’s Builder Module allows you to deploy and configure new Services, Cases and Tickets for your customers quickly and easily. It allows you to set up standard reusable configurations which help support repeatability in your Service delivery.


Clicking on 'Queues' in the navigation section, takes you to your Queues page where, as a Team Leader, you can see who reports to you and what Queues you are in charge of.


This advanced search feature available in the Views screen gives you a flexible way to view the work items in your business area by allowing you to specify multiple different combinations of search criteria, letting you view your work item data precisely how you want to.


This takes you to the Contact Management Page where you can see and manage all of your external contacts. Here you can add, edit and delete your contacts.


The ‘Emails’ view gives you a comprehensive list of all the emails in play for your business area, split out into:
  • ​Email Inbox - A view of the emails for all the work items in your Work Inbox, the Work Inboxes of your Team, and unassigned work in the Queues you work out of.
  • ​Sent Items - emails from your business area's work items which have been sent out.
  • ​Outbox - The Outbox view letting you see emails scheduled to go out or those awaiting dispatch from your system's mailbox.
Each one will open in their own dedicated tab.

Blocked Email Addresses

This is where you are able to easily add, edit and delete email addresses to be blocked.

Recently Accessed Work Items

If you wish to quickly re-access a work item (e.g. you wish to re-open a work item tab you’ve just closed down), open the ‘Recently Accessed’ link from the navigation dropdown.