Enate BI Overview

Information on Enate's BI reports, plus the Enate Data Warehouse and how to get to its data.
The information in this section shows you some of the BI information available from Enate which you can use to view standard Enate reports available through PowerBI. Firstly, here's a quick overview of the kind of reporting information you can see.

Enate BI - Reports Overview

If you'd like more information about the individual reports, check out the Report Examples section.

Enate BI - Data and the Data Warehouse

This area also supports Developers/Analysts querying the Enate warehouse to understand how the tables join and where/how data is stored. Included is a section on using the data warehouse - what'll you'll need to do to connect to it, as well as other setup requirements.
Also included is a data dictionary with field data types and definitions, highlighting foreign and primary keys to join tables on.
Please note, the warehouse is separate to the production database and is used for management information reporting purposes.