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General Overview

What's New in Builder v2021.1?

An Introduction to Builder

Using the Service Matrix Screen

Configuring Cases

Case Overview

Creating a Case from Scratch

Case Conditionality

Configuring Tickets

Setting Up Ticketing

Testing Your Ticket

Adding Ticket Categories

Integration with ABBYY FlexiCapture

Setting Up Emails

Setting Up Email Routes

Configuring Email Routing Rules

Email Template Configuration

Creating a New Email Template

Comparing & Merging Email Templates

Creating Custom Data and Custom Cards for a Case


Creating a Schedule Structure

Creating a Schedule

Linking a Schedule to a Case

Frequency-based Triggers

What are Frequency-based Triggers

Creating Frequency-based Triggers

Due Date Flavours

Overview of Due Dates

Ticket Due Date Methods

Case & Action Due Date Methods

Advanced Options for Due Date Settings

Allocation Flavours

Setting Allocation Rules & Queues

Setting Primary & Secondary Allocations

Creating Queues and Setting Queue Methods

User Management

Overview of User Management

User Groups and Permissions

Working Calendar Management