Solutioning Using Peer Review ACTIONS

How to use Peer Review type manual actions to improve your process design.

Commonly, Tasks performed by one resource (the “doer”) will need to be checked by another (the “checker”) – often a manager or team-leader. Very often, both positive and negative outcomes will be fed-back to the “doer” either to correct something or so the process can continue on.

The Peer Review Action in Enate, is a single action with 2 halves. Once the first half has been done, the second half is allocated to a different user to approve it. If they don’t approve it, it goes back to the first user. Both parts have a different allocation rule and different due date rule.

This model reduces the amount of “clutter” on the map as it all “boils down” to a single action which represents the whole “Do and Review”.

Simplifying Processes: applied

If we apply these 3 principals, the example map is greatly simplified.

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