Enate AI - Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis pattern, available in Marketplace in Builder enables the analysis of the content of incoming emails and determine if, for example, they are positive or negative. This assessment can be passed back into Enate Work Manager so that Agents can tell at a glance what the tone of the mail is as headline information as they start to deal with it.


EnateAI is a zero configuration option supplied by Enate which uses our own Azure hosted OpenAI Instance for the GPT3 Engine.

This instance is shared with anyone that enables EnateAI so if you have high volume/high demand then you may be better off configuring your own Azure Open AI instance and using an Azure Open AI Adapter Version.

The setup of EnateAI - Sentiment Analysis is super simple - simply click to activate.

Known Issue -

Please note that there is a known issue with Microsoft 365 Graph API for Outlook, which affects its ability to identify out of office emails, which are normally ignored for Sentiment Analysis.

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