Setting up an ABBYY FlexiCapture Integration
In order to enable ABBYY FlexiCapture integration, a connection to an active ABBYY instance must be configured. These settings are accessed from the OCR Connection icon in the toolbar:
Clicking on the '+' icon will open the Add Connection popup where you can provide the subsequent details to create an ABBYY integration.
The URL should be the root URL for the FlexiCapture installation including http or https as appropriate i.e. for an installation accessed at https://my-abbyy/FlexiCapture12/Login/#/Login.
The Username and Password supplied must be from an account which has Scanning Operator, Verification Operator and External User permissions.
The Platform Name field is a friendly name for use while selecting the platform during the subsequent set up of an ABBYY OCR Action.
Once the connection is configured and successfully tested, Enate will automatically sync project lists with ABBYY; ABBYY projects do not need to be manually added to Enate.
Important note: The ABBYY server must be accessible from the Enate Application tier AND from the browsers of your end users. In the case of Enate SaaS this means that ABBYY must be internet-facing.
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