Creating an ABBYY FlexiCapture Action
Once you has successfully set up an ABBYY connection, you then need to configure an ABBYY Flexicapture Action in your Case flow.
Select the '+' icon on the Add Action Menu in a Case flow. Give the ABBYY Action a name and then assign it as an ABBYY OCR Action Type. This will add an ABBYY Action to the Case flow.
Once an ABBYY FlexiCapture Action has been added to your Case flow, a new section will display in the Action info grid. Selecting this new ‘ABBYY FlexiCapture Info’ will let you configure the Action as required.
This is where you can select the relevant ABBYY Platform and Project which is available as Enate will automatically sync project lists with ABBYY.
Which documents are submitted will depend upon whether file tagging logic is in play.
  • If an Input File Tag has been specified then only files on this Action marked with this tag will be included in the ABBYY batch. If no Input File Tag is selected then all files attached to the Case will be included for scanning and processing by ABBYY FlexiCapture.
  • If an Output File Tag has been specified then all files processed by this Action will be tagged with the Output File Tag value when they are transferred back through to Enate.
Note : As an additional validation check, when configuring Case flows that includes ABBYY Actions, if any of the referenced platform are now deleted, the system will prompt you to replace this with an active ABBYY Platform.
You’ll see confirmation of when the documents have successfully been submitted to ABBYY for processing:
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