Enhancements to the Start Case Feature


Starting a Sub Case / Independent Case from an Existing Case

If you wish to start a new independent Case or a Sub Case from an existing Case, select the ‘Start Case’ tab.
In the resulting pane, choose a Contract, Service and Case type to launch (these will default in values if there is only one option to choose). Enter a short description for the Case.
Switching the ‘Independent’ slider to On creates an Independent Case rather than a Sub Case. See below for more details about the differences between the two.
When you switch the ‘Independent’ slider to On, you are able to choose which data to copy from the original Case to the new Case. You have the options to copy the following groups of data across:
  • Contacts (and tags), Defects, Files (and tags) and Custom Data
  • Communications - Emails (including email attachments) and Notes
Hit ‘Start Case' to complete.
If Independent is selected then a new independent Case will open in a new tab in a state of 'Draft'. Here you are still able to adjust the data and once you are happy with the data, you can click 'Submit'.
If Independent is not selected, a new Sub Case will open in the same tab in a state of 'To Do' and all of the data from the parent Case will be shared to the new Sub Case. Additionally, if you update the data in a parent Case, this will also update the data in its Sub Case and vice versa.
Please note that if the 'Make Contacts mandatory' option has been selected in Builder (see here for more information) it is mandatory to provide a contact for a Sub Case. If the parent Case already has a contact, this is the contact that will be used in the Sub Case.

Override Due Date Option

If a Case has been configured with an override Due Date option in Builder (see here for more information), then you will be able to override the Due Date of a Case when you start a Case from the Ticket Screen or from the Case screen.
Start Case from the Ticket Screen:
Start Case from the Case Screen: