Enhancement: More Flexible Mandatory Data Fields


We have added an extra option when it comes to marking custom data fields as mandatory. Fields can now be set to only be required at the point of Resolving a ticket or Action, rather that for any update, letting you fill in information incrementally as you get it, while still making sure procedure is followed in order to move on in process.
Previously, when a custom data field on a custom card was marked as mandatory, the agent in Work Manager had to fill out the fields marked as mandatory before they were able to submit or change the status of the work item.
Now, we have added an additional option that works in conjunction with the mandatory field setting called 'Only on Resolve'.
When this setting is ticked, the validation check to make sure that all mandatory fields are filled in only happens when a user clicks to resolve a work item successfully, instead of every time the submit or change the status of the work item. This should help avoid scenarios where agents must fill in any mandatory fields, even though the change in work item status no longer requires the data fields to be filled in e.g. when rejecting a Ticket as spam.

Further details

The validation check for when only the 'mandatory' option is set runs every time a work item gets submitted or the status gets changed. This means that when an agent clicks to change the status of the work item, regardless of what that status is the system will still run a check and ask the agent to complete any mandatory fields that are yet to be filled in in order to proceed every time the user clicks to change the status of the work item.
With the 'Only to Resolve' setting, the validation check only occurs when an agent clicks to mark the work item as successfully resolved. This means that when an agent clicks to change the status of the work item to resolved successfully but has not filled out the mandatory fields, the system will prevent the agent from resolving the work item and will ask the agent to complete the mandatory fields in order to proceed. However, if the agent is changing the status to something other than successfully resolved, e.g. 'Waiting' because they do not have the data required to fill in the mandatory data fields, or they are rejecting or cancelling the work item, the system will not ask the user to fill in the mandatory fields; they will instead be able to proceed without being forced to fill in the mandatory data fields.

What counts a resolving a work item successfully?

For a Ticket, this is when choosing to resolve a Ticket
  • With Customer Response, or with
  • No customer response
For an Action, this is when you click to resolve the Action and mark it as 'complete'.

How to activate 'Only on Resolve'

To turn on the 'Only on Resolve' setting, go to Custom Cards page in Builder and select the desired custom card. Select the desired custom data field from the list of Added Fields on the left and click the '+' icon. This will open the Field Settings pop-up. Once you have selected the 'mandatory' setting, you will be able to select the 'Only on Resolve' setting and the click 'Apply'.
Note that you will only be able to select the 'Only on Resolve' setting if the 'mandatory' option is selected as well.
Below is a table of rules for behavior of when validation will run when 'Only on Resolve' is selected:
Create an Action (could be as part of completing the previous Action, Starting Case, etc) or create an Ad-hoc Action
Re-open a Ticket or Case
Merge a Ticket (either by merging the current Ticket into another work item, or by merging another Ticket into the current one)
Resolve - Rejected as Spam (for Tickets)
Resolve - Rejected (for Tickets
Resolve - Cancel (for Cases)
Resolve - Unable to Complete (for Actions)
Resolve - Unable to Complete (Peer Review Actions)
Ignore Validation
Resolve - either With Customer Response or No customer response (for Tickets)
Resolve - because all Action in a Case have been completed (for Cases)
Resolve - Complete (for Actions)
Resolve - Pass (for Peer Review Actions)
Run Resolution Validation