Email Routes Page Adjustments

We have adjust the design of our Email Routes configuration page to help optimise performance, speed and ease of use, especially when you are working with a large volume of email routes.
Changes which have been made here are as follows:

Filter to show just one Connector

At header level, you can search to filter down your view to just one Connector

Search by Connector details within each section

You can now search for a route at a connector-level, based on its email address, process and/or Ticket category (if relevant).
Note that these searches are all now 'start with' searches rather than full wildcard searches, e.g. if you type 'France' it will search for items 'France*' rather than *France*..

Quick-create Routes from Connector section shortcut

Additionally, as a useful shortcut you now have to ability to add a new email route directly within a specific email connector itself - clicking on the '+' icon next to a connector will bring up the 'Create an Email Route' pop-up with the email connector name already filled it.

Folder Filter for Graph API Routes

For Graph API routes, we've moved the option to view folders as an additional filter at the top of the screen.

Section by Section display

Note that as part of these changes you will now only be able to expand a single Connector section at one time.