Overview of Enate Online Help

A quick intro to our new, fully online, help documentation.
We've enhanced our help documentation by moving it all online to Here you'll find everything you need to know about how to make the most out of Enate, with video walk-throughs and more in-depth explanations.

In-Line Explainers

In conjunction with putting all our help online we've started to add more extensive tooltips, guides and videos directly into the system itself to help guide users to our online explainers - This should make onboarding new users easier and let you know about new features when they appear.
Technical note: In order to make use of Enate's in-line explainers, your administrators may need to make some adjustment to your company's firewall / proxy whitelist. Check out this article for more information on possible adjustments.
We'll be adding more of these over time and would really welcome your suggestions and feedback in the new Documentation section of Enate's Feedback page.