New Case Configuration Features


New Look and Feel

Each Step shows you the total number of Action Processes that are configured for that Step.

Adjustment to Case Settings layout

We've adjusted the layout of the Case level settings into three columns of grouped criteria: General info; Smart Card settings (including a visualisation of what effect your card choices will have in Work Manager; and Email address settings.

Cut / Copy / Paste of Actions in the flow

Selecting an Action in the flow will give you a number of options wihch now includes the ability to Cut / Copy / Paste them throughout the flow. When moving / copying an action which is mid-flow,
Cut/copied Actions will be highlighted with blue dotted borders in the Flow Diagram, along with any root Actions, until they have been pasted.
Note: this feature is available within a single Case diagram. Copying or pasting between difference processes or systems is not currently supported.

Visibility of Retired Case Process versions

In addition to being able to see Live version of the Case process and the currently in progress changes being made, you can now select to see any previous, now retired versions of the Case by selecting from the toolbar dropdown: