2022.6 Changes Overview

An overview of the new features in v2022.6 of Enate

With the latest version of Enate, we focused on making working between multiple teams slicker, as well as adding some further features to our Email views. Custom Cards have also had some useful features added for a richer user experience. Let's take a look at those and other changes...

Check out these new features in more detail in the sections below...

New Work Manager Features

New Builder Features

Note that this change may impact your ongoing configuration of Email Routes - please read the detailed notes on this feature adjustment.

  • We're also introducing a brand new feature with the arrival of our Marketplace for Integrations. Over the coming weeks and months you'll see the arrival of more and more of your apps which can integrate with Enate to give you even more features at your fingertips. We've moved the RPA & OCR Integration sections into there so you've got one location for managing all your external systems which integrate with Enate.

Release Notes...

You can check out a list of the new Features, Enhancements & Bug Fixes we've included in this release in the following sections. For a more extensive list of changes including API changes, Data Warehouse Changes and any Breaking changes, see the dedicated RELEASE NOTES section.

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