New Ticket Configuration Features


New Look and Feel

The overall look and feel of the Ticket Configuration screen has been updated.

Enhanced Ticket Categories Menu

Clicking on the + icon in the toolbar will display the Ticket Categories menu. We've enhanced the interactions for populating this menu and selecting values from it.

Improved visibility

You can now expand to view multiple levels of ticket category at one time.

At any point you can add further category values into the list.

Improved selection

You can easily select multiple categories to add into your ticket from the menu.

Changes to Ticket Categories grid

View all attributes for a category at one time

The ticket category grid has been enhanced so that on clicking the 'category' cell, you will be able to view & edit ALL settings for that category in one place

Additionaly, if you wish to repace the category but retain these settings, you can easily switch out the selected category for another.

Updated Settings popups

Seleting the individual cells to view e.g. Due Date settings continues as a feature, with an adjusted layout for the popups:

The attributes which can be set here remain as before, but an additional tab now exists to show you which other Tickets, Cases & Actions use this same rule.

Ticket Feedback setting

The feedback setting has been removed from the ticket instances configuration grid and now resides as a checkbox in the ticket template screen under the Service Line.

In the ticket category rows you can specific the number of days to keep the ticket open for (i.e. the window of opportunity that the service recipient has for responding to the ticket and so re-opening it, before it is closed completely).

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