2023.4 Changes Overview

Here's an overview of some of the feature updates you'll find in version 2023.4 of Enate

New Feature: Approval Flows

There's more integrated support for managing approvals in your flows, with the introduction of 'Approvals' Action types. This can deal with various kinds of Approval request types, such as an incremental multi-level set of requests to handle one after another, or sending approval requests to a group of people in one go, needing one or all to approve in order for your the business process to continue.

  • Supports multi-level, incremental request sending as each level is approved

  • Supports sending request to groups and requiring any approval / all approval to continue

  • Upload your Business rules for approver selection (no matter how complex), make complex decisions on approves dynamically as part of your flow,

EnateAI for IDP - Document Data Extraction

We have added another integration to our expanding range of EnateAI components - this time we're releasing EnateAI for IDP, starting with Document Extraction. It's available now in your Enate Marketplace. When enabled, this will automatically extract the relevant data from files attached to incoming mails and turned it into structured data to be used in your processes. If the results of the scanning falls below a confidence threshold, the data is presented to Agents to review and adjust as necessary via Validation screens. This integration is also now available in Marketplace from other providers such as Infrrd and Azure.

Document Classification: Auto-Tagging Email Attachments

We've added a new feature in Marketplace for document classification - when this is switched on, the system analyses all attachments in incoming emails, assesses how they should be classified, and tags them accordingly in your Work Items, saving your Agents' time and effort.

We've expanded the ability to auto-add content into emails based on tags to cover links as well as file attachments. Now, when email templates are being constructed, relevant links from your Work Item can be injected into your emails. Just specify the location you'd like them to appear in and which tags the system should look for to add.

New Feature: User Availability Insights

We've added a new optional feature to help with insights and visibility on people's availability - this is to help Team leads and operations managers with better scheduling of work by giving them a view of where time is being spent day-to-day.

Changes to Home Page Grid Behaviour

We've made some important changes to how your home page grid works, to keep the Inbox focussed on the work which needs doing. If it's assigned to you or one of your team members, or it's in a state of To Do or In Progress, you'll see it in the Inboxes. Everything else, such as items in a Wait state, you'll find in the Owned Work views.

Further Updates

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