2022.3 Changes Overview

An overview of the new features in v2022.3 of Enate

In this release we've focused on two main themes to make your Work Manager slicker and more productive.

You can check out this video for a more general overview of the changes in v2022.3, or you can check out the individual sections for more details.


We've given our notifications a major overhaul, providing operations users and Team Leaders lots more features and fine-tuning options so they're actively kept informed about activity on the Tickets, Actions and Cases they're interested in.

Work Item Productivity

We've taken on board feedback about adding more features in this area with enhancements to your timeline, time tracker and in particular to file management for your Tickets, Actions and Cases.

Release Notes

You can check out a list of the new Features, Enhancements & Bug Fixes we've included in this release in the following sections. For a more extensive list of changes including API changes, Data Warehouse Changes and any Breaking changes, see the dedicated Release Notes section.

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