Viewing Activity History


We have added the ability to view the activity history of various versioned and unversioned objects in Enate such as for Case Processes, Calendars, Custom Cards, Self-Service Cards, for Case, Action and Ticket types in the Service Lines screen, for Contact Tags, Custom Fields and Custom Tables, Defects, in the Due Date Attributes popup, for Email Connectors and Email Routes, in the Allocation Flavour popup, for Frequency-based Triggers, for Custom Data Localisation translations, for Queues, for RPA Integrations, for Schedules and Schedule Structures, for Services and Companies in the Service Matrix, for Service Lines, for Service Providers, for Ticket Processes and Ticket Categories, for Service Agents, Robots, Employees and User Groups.

You have the ability to see when an object was created and by who, if it has been edited since then and by who, and even when a Calendar was deleted and by who by clicking on the Show Activity button:

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