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Hi, and welcome to the 'What's New' section of Enate Help, where you can catch up on all the recent features and enhancements we've been adding to Enate. In the following sections you'll see explainers for the features which you get with each new version, as well as detailed release notes for any bug fixes and smaller enhancements.

While this 'What's New' section will keep you up to date on all the recent additions to Enate, it's not a comprehensive source of all of Enate's features. For a fuller picture, you should check out the main Enate Help section.

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Latest Release Overview - v2023.5

In version 2023.5 of Enate, we've focussed on making a number of adjustments, enhancements and fixes throughout the system, mixed in with some useful new features which are detailed below:

Enhanced AI Integrations Control

In the AI space, we've added a couple of useful features to give you more control and precision on where and how you implement

Incoming Email Improvements

We've made a number of enhancements relating to how incoming emails are treated, to make sure

More Data Storage Options

Enate's Binary Storage is used for storing raw communications, communication attachments, files attached to work items, and files exported from Advanced Search views. Enate is always provisioned with the primary binary storage configured in an Enate Azure tenant. However, with the arrival of v2023.5, you've now got the option of switching where you store your Binary data to be one of your own Azure storage locations.

..and Lots More Improvements & Fixes

In addition to these enhancements we've added a large number of fixes to help improve and stabilise the use of certain recent features. You can check out this in the Release Notes section.

You can also check out the dedicated section for the 2023.5 release to see these changes in more detail:

Recent Releases

In version 2023.4 of Enate, we've added more integrated support for managing approvals in your flows, with the introduction of 'Approvals' Action types. This can deal with various kinds of Approval request types, such as an incremental multi-level set of requests to handle one after another.

We've added a new feature in Marketplace for document classification - when this is switched on, the system analyses all attachments in incoming emails, assesses how they should be classified, and tags them accordingly in your Work Items.

We've expanded the ability to auto-add content into emails based on tags to cover links as well as file attachments. Now, when email templates are being constructed, relevant links from your Work Item can be injected into your emails.

A new document extraction feature has been added in Marketplace from Infrrd. When enabled, this will automatically extract the relevant data from files attached to incoming mails and turned it into structured data to be used in your processes.

We've also made some important changes to how your home page grid works, to keep the Inbox focussed on the work which needs doing.

Watch this video to find out more about these and other enhancements:

You can also check out the dedicated section for the 2023.4 release to see these changes in more detail:

Recent Releases

In version 2023.3 of Enate, we've added some powerful new features for your Operations teams in Work Manager, as well as adding a number of GPT-driven integrations to our Marketplace which help support them with their day to day activities.

We've added embedded reporting within Work Manager, driven by Microsoft's extensive PowerBI reporting platform.

We've also simplified how you can give your users access to certain features by implementing User Roles. Now, rather than having to set multiple different access levels each time you create a user account, all you have to do is pick the role a user needs to be in. This determines what they can see and do in Work Manager and, for admin people, in Builder. You can choose from standard roles, provided by Enate, or you can create Custom Roles and give users the precise access levels you need.

In Enate Marketplace, we've been making some big advances in the AI space and can now offer Enate's WorkGPT, a zero-configuration GPT option supplied by Enate which uses our own Azure hosted OpenAI Instance for the GPT3 Engine. We have also added a number of OpenAI adapters that allow you to talk to the OpenAI API directly via your own OpenAI account and API keys. And if you'd rather run these patterns via your own Azure platform, our new AzureAI adapters allow you to use your own Azure instance of OpenAI which you can manage and control, providing you with a great deal of control and detail of the information going through the API. These adapters are available for the following patterns:

  • Email Classification - automatically classifies and categorizes Tickets, saving agents having to do this manually

  • Email Data Extraction - brand new pattern that auto-populates important information from emails into custom cards in your Tickets and Cases, saving agents from having to do this manually

  • Thank You Email Evaluation - automatically detects whether incoming emails to a resolved work are just simple 'thank you emails', and if so then have them automatically moved back to a state of 'resolved' without agent users having to manually perform such repetitive checks.

  • Sentiment Analysis - analyzes the content of incoming emails, determines their sentiment - e.g. if they're positive or negative and displays this information to your users to they can determine the sentiment of an email at a glance

Watch this video to find out more about these and other enhancements:

You can also check out the dedicated section for the 2023.3 release to see these changes in more detail:

In version 2023.2 of Enate, we added some features in Work Manager and in our Integration features to help with planning and tracking your work. We've added a Focus List to let you create lists of Tickets, Actions & Cases that you want to concentrate on. We've adjusted the Team Work Inbox to show ALL Work Items, even those in Wait states, to make team planning easier.

As Enate Marketplace continues to grow, we added in a number of Email Analysis features to your Integration options, to help categorize and deal with repetitive tasks for incoming emails so you don't have to.

In preparation for some more wide-ranging advances in Work Manager over the next few releases, we've also made the jump to being a Multi-page Application - now when you open links in Work Manager they'll open in brand new dedicated tabs in your browser.

Watch this video to find out more about this and other enhancements:

You can also check out the dedicated section for the 2023.2 release to see these changes in more detail:

In the 2023.1 release, we focussed on improvements to Builder for enhanced Case flow construction. You've now got much richer ability to use conditionality within your flows: routing down different paths based upon Action checklist responses is now supported, plus you can now bypass peer reviews of manual actions based on conditionality. Merging of different branches of your flows back together into a single action is now supported too.

Watch this video to find out more:

Check out these and other new features in the 2023.1 release in more detail in this dedicated section:

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