Improvements to Views


Saving Your Views

You can save your preferred views by clicking 'Save', and then 'Save as new setting'.

You can access your saved searched by clicking on the Saved settings link. Here you can also delete and rename your saved Views. You can use the free-text search function to search for your views. There is no limit to the number of Views that you can save. You are able to copy the name of your saved search by clicking on the copy button on the tab:

Copy/Paste into Excel

You can copy and paste information from the Views grid into an Excel spreadsheet by selecting the information you want to copy and using Ctrl C and Ctrl V. The information that is copied and pasted includes any applied filters. The column titles will automatically be copied and pasted as well.

You are also able to to copy and paste all of the information from the Views grid by using Ctrl-A.

Note: only information that has loaded in the Views grid will be copied across.

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