Converting a Ticket into a Case Improvements


If during processing of a Ticket query it becomes apparent that the request is better handled via a specific Case, you can support this by choosing to convert the Ticket into a Case.

Click on the ‘Convert to Case’ tab within the Ticket. Select the Contract, Service and Case type you wish to launch.

If your system has be configured to allow you to override the due date upon Case creation, you can select a new due date here.

If your system has be configured to set a schedule for a new Case upon creation in work manager, you can select a schedule here.

You can choose to keep each separate Ticket with you by selecting 'Keep with me' in the settings card and you can choose to send an email to the primary contact for the Ticket informing them that the Ticket has been turned into a Case by unselecting the 'Disable Automated Emails' option.

Confirm the Ticket promotion up to a Case by clicking the button in the Info card:

You will see a confirmation messages informing you that the Ticket will be closed and replaced by a Case (with the same reference number, but a ‘-C’ ending).

The original Ticket does not form any further part of service delivery and will now be in a state of Waiting with a Resolution method of Case Launched with a link to that Case.

The original Ticket will move to a state of Closed when the Case that has been launched is Closed.

The new Case launched will be in a state of To Do.

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