Streamlining of States



We’ve done some work to standardise the various states that a work item can be in (e.g. In Progress, Resolved etc.) so that these are common across all of Case, Ticket & Action.

The standard states are now:

  • Draft – Item has not yet been initially submitted.

  • To Do – the item is awaiting a resource to progress it further.

  • In Progress – the item has been picked up and is being progressed.

  • Wait – select this if for some reason progress on the work item has had to be halted – this may be because we are waiting information from another resource, or it is scheduled to be followed up on at a certain date.

  • Resolve - Select this option as part of completion of activity on the work item. • Closed – after an item has been resolved and has passed the feedback window where it could have been reopened the item will change to ‘Closed’

New status – ‘To Do’

At the same time as standardising the states for Ticket, Case & Action we’ve listened to your feedback and have added in a new status of ‘To Do’.

Once a work item has been submitted into Enate it will sit in a status of ‘To Do’ until a resource has picked it up - this could be a human resource or a robot resource.

Once you start updating a work item sitting in this state, it will:

  • automatically assign to you and

  • the status will change to ‘In progress’

You can also choose to change the state yourself. This signifies that work is now underway and it will stay in that status until it’s resolved – assuming e.g. no waiting for further information.

Setting an item back to ‘To Do’

If you’ve picked up an item in error, or if you reach the conclusion that it’s not a piece of work you’re going to be able to progress you can unassign it from yourself, either to another resource or just back to its Queue. This could be after 10 seconds or half an hour, but when you do this the system will automatically set the status back to ‘To Do’ to let everyone know that it’s not going to be progressed until another resource picks it up. You can also just manually set the status back to ‘To Do’ if for example you started working on it in error and need to quickly undo the status change.

Similarly if a robot resource rejects a piece of work its status will be set back to ‘To Do’ as part of handing it over for a human resource to carry out.

Using ‘Wait’

If you’re working on a Ticket, Case or Action and you have to temporarily halt work on it because you’re waiting for some additional information or because of some other temporary blocker, you should choose the ‘Wait’ status instead.

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