Peer Review Action Enhancements

Peer Review-type Actions involve two parts: the first part is the "doing" of the Action by one user, the second part involves reviewing if the Action was completed correctly - this review is done by a different user.
The Action will first appear in a state of 'To Do'. The timeline will show that the Action is not in a state of peer review:
Once the Action has been completed and marked as 'Resolved' by the user "doing" the Action, the Action is then assigned to a different user to review and gets set back into a state of 'To Do'. It will now been shown as being 'In peer review' on the timeline:
The reviewing user can then decide whether the original user has done the activity correctly by selecting 'Yes' or 'No' from the dropdown in their checklist. They can also add a note.
The checklist is only available when the Action is in a state of 'To Do' and only the assigned reviewer is able to edit the checklist.
When performing a peer review on a work item, users are able to edit the data within the Action. This allows the reviewer to make some data changes as part of their review activity.
The reviewer can then mark the Action as 'Resolved' and decide whether the Action has passed the peer review, has failed it, or if the peer reviewer was unable to review the Action:
Pass - Selecting 'Pass' will close the Action. You can add a comment, but it is not mandatory.
Fail - If you select 'Fail', it is mandatory to enter a comment. When you click resolve, the Action will go back to the first user in a state of To Do with the comment included. When the first user next resolves the Action, it will go back to the peer reviewer in a state of 'To Do'.
Unable to complete - Selecting 'Unable to complete' will close the Action.