Easier Viewing of Cases Linked to a Schedule


Viewing Cases Linked to a Schedule

The 'Show Case Process Linked to Schedule' icon lets you see the list of all the Case processes which are linked to a Schedule. It shows you the Customer, Contract and Service of the Case, as well as what state the Case is in, such as Live, Testing and Draft. If the Schedule is linked with more than one version of a Case, then all versions will be shown in the list.
You are able to filter the list of Cases by Customer, Contract, Service and State.
Clicking on the Case process will take you to the Case screen for that particular Case.
Note: You will be taken to the latest version of the Case screen, regardless of which version of the Case process is linked to the Schedule. However you can choose which version of the Case process you see once you are in the Case screen.
The Linked Processes list will also show retired process versions in the 'Show Deleted Objects' option is switched on.