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Adding New Contact Tags

In addition to the standard Contact Tags with which you can link a user to a work item (Primary Contact, Subject, CC, Requester), you can also specify further relationship types. Examples might be further options like ‘Broker’ or ‘Referee’.
Click to add a new contact. This will bring up the following popup:
When adding a new Contact the following information can be defined:
Desired name for the Contact Tag, e.g. ‘Broker’
Description for internal use only.
Supplier Company
Whether this Contact should be classed as belonging to the Supplier Company
Allow Multiple
If set, you will be able to tag multiple contacts in the same work item with this value
Show in Call Handling
If set, when opening the Contact Activity tab in Work Manager any work items linked to this user via this relationship will display on their Activity tab.
Show in Self Service
If set, when a self service user is displayed the work items in their tracker which ‘relate’ to them, any work items which they are linked to with this type of contact tag will display.