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User Groups & Permissions

User Groups are, as the name suggest, ways of grouping together a number of users - specifically Service Agent type users. User Groups can be used for setting Permissions for a number service agents at various points in your business hierarchy, i.e. for certain Customers, their Contracts, Services or even down to specific Case & Ticket processes.
There are two routes through which you can maintain which users are in which groups:
1. Create / Edit a User Group
Navigate to the 'User Groups' section of User Management, create a new group and add one or more users into it. Once saved, the User group is ready to use with permissions linking.
2. Edit the user account settings
When creating or editing a User account, you can add them into one or more User Groups via their settings on the Access tab.
See the Permissions section for more information on how to use User Groups to set access to parts of your business for Service Agents.
You can user Permissions in conjunction with User Groups to control levels of access for your Service Agents to the various parts of your business operations (as represented in the Service Matrix screen - who are your customers, what services are you delivering to them).
For users to have access on work items for a customer they will need to be in at least one user group which is linked at the Customer level. In previous versions of the software this will have been represented by a setting on a customer company stating that all service provider agents had permissions on the customer. This has now been migrated across to using the User Group / Permissions approach.
Please note that the previous approach of managing permissions via the single 'all service provider agents have access on this customer' checkbox is no longer a feature. This has been replaced by the new more detailed User Groups & Permisssions linking approach.
Please note that all existing permissions will have remained as-is and will have been migrated across from previous access levels. For ongoing maintenance you should use User Groups / Permissions
The steps for this are as follows:
  • Create a User Group, populating it with Service Agents
  • Link the Service Group to the 'Permissions' setting at various points in the Service Matrix.
See User Groups page for creating & maintain these groups of Agents.