2023.2 Changes Overview

In version 2023.2 of Enate, we've added some features in Work Manager and in our Integration features to help with planning and tracking your work. We've added a Focus List to let you create lists of Tickets, Actions & Cases that you want to concentrate on. We've adjusted the Team Work Inbox to show ALL Work Items, even those in Wait states, to make team planning easier.
As Enate Marketplace continues to grow, we've added in a number of Email Analysis features to your Integration options, to help categorize and deal with repetitive tasks for incoming emails so you don't have to.
In preparation for some more wide-ranging advances in Work Manager over the next few releases, we've also made the jump to being a Multi-page Application - now when you open links in Work Manager they'll open in brand new dedicated tabs in your browser.
Watch this video to find out more about this and other enhancements:

New Features​

  • Multi-Page Application: As mentioned above we've changed the way links open in Enate - now each link opens in its own dedicated browser tab (or replaces the content in your existing tab, if you prefer it to work that way).
  • Focus List: New Work Manager feature lets you put together a list of work items that you want to concentrate on - perhaps as part of a focused daily to-do list or as a handy shortcut to access the items you're needing quick access to.
  • Ability to End Cases Early: Now you don't have to move a Case all the way through its flow to Resolve it - you can add various different end points to allow closure based on certain conditions.
  • New Marketplace Integrations: We've made a number of new Integrations available in our Marketplace, focussing on Email Analysis to help with the more time-consuming assessments of incoming mails.
  • Better Work Item Tracking Data: You can more easily see when Work Items have been been Reopened, and see better information when Work Items change state.
  • Currency Support: A new data type to help you deal with currencies as part of your Tickets, Cases & Actions.
  • Custom Card Localisation: You can now translate Card names, allowing for fully localised form.
  • File & Link Deletion: You can now delete Files and Links from the Files tab.

Release Notes

You can check out each of the new Features, Enhancements & Bug Fixes we've included in this release in the following sections. For a detailed list of changes including API changes, Data Warehouse Changes and any Breaking changes, see the dedicated RELEASE NOTES section.