Improved Linked Work Item Options

Adding contact for a new Linked Ticket is now OPTIONAL

It is now no longer mandatory to add a contact or the primary and requester tags to a contact when creating a new linked Ticket. You can still choose to add a contact if you wish.
This will allow you to create linked Tickets from an existing one, often for management of internal activity, and ensure that communications which are created as part of the new linked Ticket don't get sent to original service recipient (it's quite likely that you will not want to be constantly informing them of internal activity). removing the need to add any contacts to linked Tickets helps support this.
Things to note with this change:
  • For any existing Tickets or Tickets that have been created in other ways (e.g. from the Contact Activity page, via bulk create, via email etc.), it is still mandatory to add a contact and the primary and requester contact tags.
  • Case behaviour remains unchanged - it is not mandatory to add a contact when a Case is created, even if the Case has been created as a new linked Case, unless the 'Makes Contacts Mandatory' option in the Case type in the Service Line screen has been selected.

More control when copying data to new linked Cases/Tickets

We've also improved how you can copy data across to new linked Tickets or Cases.
Previously, if users wanted to copy data across they had to copy all the defects, files, links and custom data from the original Case/Ticket with the new Case/Ticket they were creating.
Now we have separated this out and made it possible for users to choose which types of data they want to copy across to a new linked Case/Ticket and to only copy that data across. They can choose to copy:
  • Defects
  • Files (including tags & file notes)
  • Links (including tags & link notes)
  • Custom Data (e.g. custom data fields)
As per existing functionality, users are still able to copy across work item Communications, i.e. emails (including email attachments) and notes from the original Case/Ticket to the new linked Case/Ticket you are creating. Note that when choosing to copy communications, you will not only copy communications from the original work item, but you will also copy communications from the original work item's related group, e.g. its Actions if it was a Case, or the parent/child Ticket if it was from a split Ticket. Also note that making updates to the communications in the new linked Case/Ticket will NOT update the communications in the original Ticket/Case it was created from.
You can find out more about creating new linked work items here: