Other Enhancements

US English Language Option

We have also added the option to select US English (en-us) as your system language, in addition to British English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian and Russian.

Defect Modification Restriction

We have added a new 'Restrict Defect Modification' setting in the System Settings section of Builder which allows you to set restricted access on modifying any information in the Defects Card of Cases, Actions and Tickets. Service agents are always able to ADD a defect record and to mark one as resolved, but when this 'Restrict' setting is enabled in Builder only the agent who created the defect in the first place is able to subsequently modify or delete any of the details of that defect record.

Improvements to Viewing Work Items

We have made improvements to working with related work items. Now you can easily see the parent Case of a work item.
For example:
  • When a Ticket is split into multiple child Tickets, a link to access the parent Ticket will appear on all child Tickets.
  • When multiple work items are merged into one child item, a link to access all the parent items will appear on the child item.
  • When a Ticket is converted into a Case, a link to access the parent Ticket will appear on all child Case.

'Start New Case' Action Improvements

If you choose to start the new Case (by adding a 'Start New Case' Action in into your Case flow in Builder) as an independent Case, i.e. by not ticking the Sub Case option, you can now choose to copy the defects, files (including tags), links and custom data across into the new Case.
You can also choose to copy work item communications i.e. emails (including email attachments) and notes from to the new Case. Note that when choosing to copy communications, you will not only copy communications from the current Case, but also from any Actions & Sub Cases which are related to it.
See here for more information.