CHANGE IN BEHAVIOUR - automated Ticket acknowledgement

We've made a change in Ticket settings which you need to be aware of, relating to the sending out of automated emails. This affects the default behaviour of the Ticket:
Previously the system defaulted to sending out automated emails. If you wanted to stop this on a specific ticket, you would need to set the 'Disable Automated Emails' setting to ON.
Now, the default behaviour has switched - the system will NOT send out automated emails from Tickets as a default. IF YOU DO WISH AUTOMATED EMAILS TO BE SENT OUT FROM A TICKET, YOU WILL NOW NEED TO SET THE (RENAMED) 'SEND AUTOMATED EMAILS' SETTING TO ‘ON’.
This change in behaviour has also been made on the screen used for creating a new linked Ticket.
Additionally, when you now launch a Ticket from the Contact Activity page, the 'Send Automated Emails' option will now be defaulted to off, but you can manually switch it on in the Ticket screen.
This behaviour change has also been applied in the Email section of Builder - when setting up an Email Route, the option controlling sending of Automated Emails has now been changed - default behaviour is to NOT send such automated mails, so if you wish automated emails to be sent you will need to set the 'Send Automated Emails' setting to ON.