2023.1 Changes Overview


In version 2023.1 of Enate, we've been focusing on making some improvements to Builder for enhanced Case flow construction. You've now got much richer ability to use conditionality within your flows: routing down different paths based upon Action checklist responses is now supported, plus you can now bypass peer reviews of manual actions based on conditionality. Merging of different branches of your flows back together into a single action is now supported too.
Watch this video to find out more:
Check out these and other new features in more detail in the sections below...

New Features

  • Add conditions based on an Action's checklist - we've added the ability to use the results of individual checklist items in your conditions, letting you choose alternate routes depending on how a check has gone.
  • Bypass unnecessary peer reviews - we've added a new option to automatically bypass a peer review if certain conditions are met. You can add conditions to a Peer Review Action in your Case configuration - if that condition is met, the peer review part of the Action is set to no longer required and will be bypassed. The work flows straight on to the next action.
  • Merge Case flow branches - we've added the ability to merge branches in your Case workflow processes to help you streamline the creation of your business Case flows. Previously, moving to a new Step would be needed to re-combine multiple branches of a flow. Now this can happen mid-stream within a Step, as many times needed.

Release Notes

You can check out a list of the new Features, Enhancements & Bug Fixes we've included in this release in the following sections. For a more extensive list of changes including API changes, Data Warehouse Changes and any Breaking changes, see the dedicated RELEASE NOTES section.