RPA & OCR Integrations Moved to Marketplace

As our catalogue of integrations continues to grow, we've moved the links to your RPA and OCR integrations sections to a dedicated Marketplace section.
Over the coming weeks and months you'll see more and more integration options from the apps you can talk to with Enate.
Note: You will need to purchase these apps independently and then select to configure their settings here. Full direct app purchasing from here is planned in a future release.
If this section does not show additional adapters you will need to speak to your account manager to enable this (although the existing RPA Sync Integration and OCR Connection links to show without such a certificate).

Coming Soon - Re:Infer Machine Learning-Based Auto Triage

For the first of these we've worked NLP specialists Re:infer to give super-slick and fully automated machine learning-based triage that analyses incoming mails and automatically selects the right place for them to go.
When an email comes in, Re:infer will automatically triage it to a certain category based on keywords in the email. If Re:infer is not confident enough in its categorisation, it will alert you and you can manually decide whether or not you agree with Re:Infer's categorisation. Whatever you decide, Re:Infer will learn from this decision and use it to increase the accuracy of its Ticket categorisation, improving over time.
Look out for this and many more integration options to see how you can build out your business landscape with Enate at the heart of things.