Other Builder Changes

Restoring a retired Case / Ticket process version

We have added the ability for Builder users to restore retired versions of Case and Ticket process.
To do this, open the Case/Ticket process in edit mode in Builder, select the retired version you want to restore from the header dropdown, then click on 'Restore'.
When you restore a retired version, it will return it to a state of draft that you can then edit, save and set live.
Note that if you already have a draft version of the process in progress, any unsaved changes that you have made in it will be lost upon clicking 'Restore'.

New Email Route Option Base On Sender's Company

We have added a further item to your Email Route routing rule options in Builder, called 'Sender's company name includes'. This option lets you direct incoming emails based on the company the email sender's Contact record belongs to. Using this option avoids you having to create multiple variations of slightly different email domain-based routings which you may have for your larger clients, e.g.
A set of multiple domain-based routing rules for '', '','' can simly be replaced by a single routing rule of 'Sender's company name includes ACME'.
To add an email route based on the sender's company, select the 'Sender's company name includes' routing rule option.
Then from the dropdown select the sender's company name. You are able to add multiple companies. Then click 'Update'.
Now any emails arriving from email addresses belonging to the companies you have selected will start the process set in the email route.

Renaming Contact Tag Configuration Option to 'Show in Contact Activity Page'

When adding a new Contact Tag in the Contact Tags section of the Settings page in Builder, we have renamed the option to show contact tags in the Contact Activity Page in Work Manager as 'Show in Contact Activity Page' from 'Show in Call Handling'. The option continues to work the same as before where if the option is switched on, when a user opens the Contact Activity page in Work Manager, any work items linked to this user via this relationship will display on their Activity tab.

Maximum Email Size

When setting the maximum size allowed for outgoing emails in the General Settings section of the Settings page in Builder, it is now recommended that you configure the limit to 30% LESS than what you want your end-users to write as as an extra buffer to accommodate encoding etc. e.g. if you want the maximum size to be 100MB, we would recommend setting the limit to 70MB.