Work Reassigning Improvements

We have added an additional setting in a member's user profile (accessible by Team Leaders) which allows Team Leaders to modify their Team Members' ability to work solely on items which are specifically assigned to that user's Queues.
They will still be able to get more work via the 'Pull from Queue' button as per usual (as this approach only ever allocates work to a user from their Queues anyway). However, it will stop work from a different Queue to the user from being manually reassigned to them by one of their peers.
When the setting is off, they are able to work on items assigned to any Queue (with the bounds of the permissions set for them in Builder via their User Group Permissions).
When the setting is switched on, the user will still be able to work on items that are not assigned to a Queue. Additionally, if there are some work items already assigned to the user that are in Queues they're not part of, the user will still be able to continue working on them, but assigning any further work items to them from outside of their Queues will now be blocked. You can unassign these work items from the user manually.
Furthermore, if one of the work items already sitting with the user (but outside of their Queues) enters a state of Waiting or Resolved, it will move to the Team's Owned Work and will be unassigned - and its owner will be cleared. Once that work item is ready to be processed further (e.g. because new information has come in for it), it will NOT be assigned back to the original assignee, since they are no longer part of its Queue; it will instead be assigned according to allocation rules.