Send Automated Emails for Cases

We've added the ability to send automated emails for Cases. At the moment, the only automated email available to send for cases is a Case creation acknowledgement email.
To enable this, in the Email Route section of Builder set the 'Send Automated Emails' option to ON when configuring or editing an email route for a Case.

Acknowledgement Email Template - Important Note

As part of this change to support automated Acknowledgement emails being sent out from Cases, the existing 'Ticket Acknowledgement' email template has been modified to also support Case acknowledgements. The following changes have been made to the template as part of this:
  • The template name and purpose has been changed from 'Ticket Acknowledgement' to 'Request Acknowledgement.
  • Within the email body content, the term 'Ticket' has been renamed to 'Request' in order to support both Cases and Tickets with the one template.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The above changes to the Ticket Acknowledgement template will NOT be made to your system if you have manually adjusted its content from the original default content (i.e. to contain your bespoke content). However, you should be aware that this template will still be used as the default email template for Case acknowledgements.
Therefore, if you have modified the content of your Ticket Acknowledgement template it is highly recommended that you review the content to ensure this would be appropriate for Cases as well as Tickets, and make adjustments accordingly (e.g. altering the content or creating an equivalent dedicated Case-specific template to use for your Cases.
Additionally a new option has been added in the Case info screen under Email Settings called 'New Case Logged' where you can select the Email Template you want to use to acknowledge that a Case has been created. The system will automatically select the new 'Request Acknowledgement' email template (or the existing 'Ticket acknowledgement' email template if it has been edited). You are able to choose a different template to use. Note that this field cannot be left blank.
Furthermore, note that the new setting 'Send Automated Emails' in the Case Screen in Work Manager needs to be set to on by Service Agents in order for the system to send the automated Case acknowledgement email to the primary contact and CC contact(s) when the Case gets submitted i.e. when it has moved from Draft into a To Do state or further.
Note also that the automated email that will be sent when a Ticket is converted into a Case will still be the 'Ticket Launched Case' email template, not the 'Request acknowledgement' email template.