Other Email Improvements

Richer Email Formatting

We have added new email body formatting options to the email editor screen to help users add richer content when composing emails. These new features include:
  • a full screen option
  • ability to pin the email body format toolbar
  • ability to insert a horizontal line
  • option to adjust line height
  • text inline options - ability to increase or decrease the text indent
  • insert a strike through (also available by highlighting the text and Ctrl + S)
  • option to add special characters
All these new features are available in the email editor in Work Manager and Builder and are also available in the email signature editor in Work Manager.

Font Settings Saved

When you compose an email (either as an email template in Builder, or any form of new/response/forward email in Work Items in Work Manager) your font settings (i.e. your font style and size) the font type and font size most recently used will be saved as the font for writing content so you don't need to set them again.
These values are saved to the user profile so will persist between Builder and Work Manager usage.
This only pertains to the font at the very top of the email being composed - if user clicks into any pre-existing content further down the mail, the font style and size already in use for that content will be used. See note for further details. As part of this change, inconsistencies in 'new empty lines' for emails has been resolved - when writing a new email, 2 blank lines will always be inserted that the top of the mail.
Note that the font for canned texts and templates will use the font settings when they were created.
The email font style and size being used when a user is composing a mail will depending on whether they are clicking on pre-existing content. The logic for which fonts will be used is as follows, and is impacted by the new auto-insertion of two blank lines at the beginning of every new email:
  • 1st auto-inserted line: uses the user-saved font settings from their most - recent email.
  • 2nd auto-inserted. This is always set as Arial - 10.
Subsequent email content after this may come from: -previous emails in the mail chain
  • email template content
  • email signature content font style and size in these sections will come from that already existing content, depending on where user clicks.

Email Exceeds Limit

We've also made it easier for users to know when they are trying to send an email that exceeds the maximum email size as they will now get a warning message telling them that their email exceeds the maximum size allowed.
Additionally, users will not be able to schedule an email or save an email as a draft if it exceeds the maximum size allowed.
Note that validation of the email size occurs as part of saving the email, not at the sent time. So if a 25MB email has been scheduled and then the maximum email size gets reduced in Builder to 10MB, the scheduled email will still be sent as it conformed to the size allowance configured when it was scheduled.
You can configure the maximum size allowed for emails in the System Settings page of Builder by using the 'Maximum Email Size' feature. It is recommended that you configure the limit to 30% more than what you want your end-users to write as an extra buffer to accommodate encoding etc. e.g. if you want the maximum size to be 100MB, we would recommend setting the limit to 130MB. Note that upon upgrade, the maximum email size will be set to 'No Limit'. Additionally, the size limit will not be applicable to system-generated emails such as Request Acknowledgement emails.

Option to download emails as .eml files

For all type of emails (inbound / outbound / cancelled / failed/ scheduled), there is now a download option available to allow Agent users to download the underlying .eml file. This is available from the various locations in the system where emails can be see, i.e. Work Item Comms & Timeline sections, Email Inbox, Sent Items views.
Please note: If the email you are attempting to download contains an attachment file which has been explicitly manually deleted by an user (for e.g. reasons of data sensitivity), the .eml download option will be disabled for that email - the system will display a message explaining the reason for this disabling when download icon is clicked.