Daylight Saving for Triggers

To help make using Triggers for Case launching even easier, you can now see the time zone in which a trigger is set to run when managing them in the Schedule section of Builder. The run times of triggers will show according to the time zone selected.
As part of this, when upgrading to this version, ALL existing triggers will be shown in UTC time - this will not impact when your triggers will start, they will continue to start as normal. You are able to change the time zone set for these existing triggers after upgrade, but note that this will not have an effect until after the currently calculated next run-date. After the next run-date, the run-time of the trigger will change to show in the time of the chosen time zone.
When creating new triggers after upgrade, you will need to add the time zone in which they are set to run.
Additionally, if the trigger is set to run through daylight saving time, the time shown will take into account daylight saving time.