Contact Tag Enhancements

We have added a default contact tag option to make using contact tags on work items faster and easier. You can now set up a default tag value for an individual contact record, for example:
If you know that 'Jane Smith' is always going to be the Broker on any work item she's added to as a contact, you can give Jane's Contact record a default tag of 'Broker' so it gets auto-populated for her in the work item - rather than you having to manually set this tag value each time.
The Default Tags list of available options is maintained in Builder in the General Settings >> Contact Tags section.
You can set this Default Tag whenever you add a new contact into the system.
You can also set the Default Tag when editing a contact via the Contacts page.
The Default Tag attribute is also available to edit in bulk, i.e. you can set this for multiple contacts at one time - simply select a number of contact records when you're in the Contacts page grid and click on the Edit button to access the Bulk Edit popup.
Note that there can only be one Default Tag value set per contact record.
Additionally, when a work item is created from the 'Start work item' button on the Contact Activity Page, that contact will be tagged as the Requester, Subject and Primary Contact of the work item. Additionally their Default Tag will be added too (if they have one).

Default Contact Tag behaviour if set not to 'Allow Multiple'

If a specific tag value has not been set to 'Allow Multiple', only one contact in a Work Item is allowed to have the value. Example: it may be that there can be only a single 'Broker' contact for a Ticket. This obviously impacts default tagging if two contacts with the same 'must be unique' Default Tag get added to a work item, either manually or automatically. In this scenario the system will allocate the Default Tag to only one contact (and therefore remove the Default Tag for the other contacts). The system will allocate to the Contact already tagged with an existing other tag value, in the following priority order.
  • Primary Contact
  • Requester
  • Subject
  • CC
  • Any other contact on the work item
Additional notes about Supplier Company mismatches with Contact Tags:
  • You will not be able to add a Default Tag to a contact if the company they are assigned to has a different Supplier Company to the Default Tag.
  • You will not be able to submit a work item with a contact whose Default Tag is set to a different Supplier Company than the work item.