Release Notes

This section contains the change log and information about known issues, breaking changes, API changes and the data warehouse for v2021.2.

Warehouse Database Data Dictionary

2021.2 Warehouse Database Data Dictionary.pdf


2021.2.4.0 is a production release that contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes.

Change log

The change log for 2021.2.4.0. contains a detailed list of the enhancements and bug fixes which have been included in this release. A downloadable copy of the change log is available below.

New features & Enhancements

Change log
Enhancement: When deleting a company, contract, service, Case or Ticket process in Builder, a warning is shown if any email routes are linked to the deleted object(s).
Enhancement: Enate background engines perform faster and consume less CPU.
Enhancement: Enate Manager no longer shows the system-wide transaction timeout.
Modification of the system-wide transaction timeout has not been required to operate Enate since 2019.1. Enate does not recommend changing this setting from the Microsoft default, as they are no longer offering a UI to adjust it.
Enhancement: The default format of the log file has been changed to JSON.
Enhancement: Enate Monitor and the legacy User Manager tool now format the date and time according to the user's time zone.
Previously all date/time were formatted according to the time zone of the Windows user account of the person using the tool.
Enhancement: Incoming emails look for work item reference numbers in the email subject and body after trying to match on header fields and hidden identifiers.
Previously this functionality was an option enabled by the Enate support team upon Customer request.
Enhancement: Enate Monitor shows significantly more details about a work item.
Enhancement: The context filter in the Find Packets screen of Enate Monitor loads significantly faster on platforms with a large number of objects.
Enhancement: The interaction and capabilities of creating linked work items has been significantly changed.
Please see documentation for further details.

Bug Fixes

Change log
Bug Fixed: Custom Cards created using the advanced (customised) mode do not load on work items.
Bug Fixed: When scheduling an email to be sent later, the validation to block past dates is performed against the current browser time according to the time zone of the computer. If the time zone of the computer is ahead of the time zone of the user's account in Enate, this blocks the option to schedule to send an email later.
Bug Fixed: After deleting or re-ordering a step in a Case process in Builder, conditions might be moved to the wrong step when the Case process is in a state of draft or validated testing.
Bug Fixed: When bulk creating work items in Work Manager, if the email address CC column of the excel template file contains multiple email addresses, these email addresses are not being correctly added to the work item(s) as CC email addresses.
Multiple email addresses should be separated with a ;
Bug Fixed: The borders of a table included in an outgoing email are not visible when viewed in Microsoft Outlook.
Bug Fixed: Incorrect warning shown on Custom Cards of work items after a multi-level list field has had a value removed, but then the same value re-added.
Bug Fixed: Duplicate robot and robot farm names may occur due to synchronizing with multiple RPA platforms that have the same names configured.
Enate will now append an incrementing number to the Robot or Robot Farm name in Enate if a conflict occurs.
Bug Fixed: Copying and pasting multiple rows and/or cells in Builder is not working.
Bug Fixed: The Service Matrix filter in Builder is only showing the first 100 object names.
Bug Fixed: The Service Matrix filter in Builder is showing duplicate contract and service names.
Bug Fixed: Retired positions may show as 'active' in the Legacy User Manager tool when using the 'Positions Occupied by User' view.
Bug Fixed: Email template 'Usages' tab in Builder does not include the usage as a Canned Response for a Service Line.
Bug Fixed: Incorrect exception logged when database row has changed in between the loading of the record and an attempt to update it.
Bug Fixed: Attempting to create a user in Builder in a new instance that does not contain any suppliers shows an error.
Bug Fixed: Contract & service dropdown in the context filter of the Find Packets view in Enate Monitor are displaying duplicate values.
2021.2.4.0 Change log.xlsx

API Changes

Below is a document with details of all API Changes in 2021.2.4.0 including breaking API changes.
2021.2.4.0 API Changes.pdf

Known Issues

You can find below a list of the current known issues and bugs in 2021.2.4.0. Please report any other issues or bugs you may find to the Enate Helpdesk.
2021.2.4.0 Known Issues.xlsx

Breaking Changes

Below is a copy of the breaking changes document. This contains details for all breaking changes within the Data Warehouse and the Enate APIs.
2021.2.4.0 Breaking Changes.pdf
Recommendation for best use of API breaking changes documentation is as follows:
  • Read through the breaking changes information for APIs.
  • Upon finding reference to an API which you currently use and which has changed, go to your Swagger environment for the quickest way to view the overall impact and new API content definition. Your Swagger environment should always be your go-to place for the definitive explanation of the current API structure. See the Swagger explanation in our main Help section for more info.