Enate contract documents

Here you will find documents referenced in Enate contract terms, and an example of an Enate MSA. These documents are applicable to Enate contracts that incorporate them by reference.

Hosting the Enate Solution - the Enate Platform

Enate Maintenance and Support

Where's My Data and How Is It Stored and Protected

Enate Sub-Processors

Enate Order Template

There are two versions of the Order template: one is for use by Enate customers, and the other is for orders placed by an Enate partner. Here is the template for Enate customers (the partner version is here: Documents for Enate Partners). Your Enate contact will create Orders using this template, adapted as needed to reflect your requirements.

Enate MSA

The Enate solution is supplied using a Master Services Agreement, with requirements specified in Orders. Here is an example of the MSA currently used by Enate.

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