Super Simple Cards

Creating / Editing Super Simple Cards

Clicking the '+' icon on the top right of the page will give you the option to 'Add a Work Manager Card' or to 'Add a Self Service Card' (similarly the same ‘Edit’ card can be accessed by clicking the edit icon). As the name suggests, Work Manager cards are for presenting data to agents looking at work items in Work Manager; Self Service cards are usually simpler cards constructed to give end service recipients a view on their data for a service request they are submitting or reviewing via the self service portal.
Clicking on either of these links will bring up the card details popup:
The screen will show you card header data to be filled in, plus two columns showing a list of custom data fields. The list on the left is the fields currently added to the card (which will be empty for band new card); the list on the right list all other custom data fields in your system.
To create a super simple card, just enter a name and description for the card, then click to choose fields from the right hand column which you wish to appear on your card. You can filter to the list to aid with searching for specific fields, filtering by field name and field type.
After adding the desired data fields to your card you can easily drag & drop to modify the order in which you wish them to display in Work Manager.

Creating New Fields within the Cards Screen

You can easily create new custom data fields without leaving the Cards editing screen - simply click the 'add' icon above the list of system fields and fill in the required information in the resulting popup.

Card Attributes

The following information can be set for a Custom / Smart Card:
The card name
A description for the card
Whether the card is simple (auto-created from a list of fields) or is to include customized content)
Added Fields
A list of the fields which have been added to the card (will be blank initially). You can add as many fields to the card as desired.
A list of all the custom data fields in the system, ready to be added to the card if desired
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Creating / Editing Super Simple Cards
Creating New Fields within the Cards Screen
Card Attributes